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Overview and Introductory Greek Class

Pastor Paul will begin a 15-week Introductory Class in New Testament Greek, beginning Sunday, June 5 and continuing each Sunday evening until mid-September. All classes begin at 6:00 PM and meet at his church, The Journey Church, 17716 Eagletown Road in Westfield. THIS INTRODUCTORY CLASS IMMERSES YOU IN GREEK – THERE IS NO QUICKER AND MORE SIMPLIFIED WAY FOR A STUDENT TO LEARN GREEK TRANSLATION SKILLS!  Cost: a $200 tax-deductible gift to The Journey Church (could be paid in four $50 installments) $35 for the textbook, “Learning to Read New Testament Greek,” $80 for the companion DVD set, and $35 for a Greek New Testament -- $350 in all.

We will do approximately one lesson from the 15-lesson textbook per week. The DVD series will enable you to consolidate quickly all the material learned each Sunday night so you will be prepared to move forward. The goal is – to help each student “learn to read New Testament Greek.” To facilitate the goal, after the classes are finished, students are invited to continue to attend a MONTHLY translation class in the New Testament. These classes are held in various locations and various times each month of the year, to the convenience of the student. Each month we translate about 15-20 verses from the Greek New Testament.

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