Basic Information

Go Deeper Greek Classes is a ministry of Pastor Paul Albrecht (see his bio below) who teaches and trains believers in Jesus to read and understand more deeply the New Testament text.

Cost of Textbooks: “Learning to Read New Testament Greek,” by Dr. Glenn Koch and Rev. E. Paul Albrecht -- $35; the companion DVD series - $80; “The Greek New Testament,” Fourth Revised Edition, American Bible Society -- $35. Textbook and DVD costs are payable the first day of class.

Goals for the Introductory Class: To understand the basic elements of Greek grammar and syntax with a view toward going deeper in understanding the New Testament. The nuances of hundreds of Greek words will be taught as well as exegetical tools for translating the text. Furthermore study will be made of the ancient manuscript copies of the Bible with a view toward defending the authority and integrity of the Bible.

Cost for the classes: A tax-deductible contribution of $200 to The Journey Church which Rev. Albrecht pastors. Your gift enables The Journey Church to minister to children and youth, to support a small group ministry, and to do evangelism programs in the Westfield community. This contribution may be made in one lump sum, or spread out over several weeks of the Intro class.

For the Translation Classes, we request an annual contribution to The Journey Church of $100. This too is payable through the year.

Who can attend: Everyone with an interest in going deeper in their understanding of the Bible! No prior education or background in languages in necessary.

The Teacher: Rev. E. Paul Albrecht grew up in Philadelphia where he studied Latin for five years in high school. He attended Albright College in Reading, PA where he studied Greek for four years with Dr. F. W. Gingrich, one of the world’s foremost Greek authorities and author of the “Greek to English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature.” Following his BA, he attended Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary where he began to assist in teaching the Introductory Greek classes to seminary students. He continued as an assistant professor of Greek for 10 years at the seminary, during which time he collaborated on a Greek textbook with Dr. Glenn Koch, Professor Emeritus of New Testament. In 1976 he received his MDiv from Eastern and was ordained by the American Baptist Churches USA. He went on to study Greek and Textual Criticism at Princeton Theological Seminary and in 1980 received his ThM degree, having studied with Dr. Bruce Metzger, one of the most renown text critics of the 20th century. Rev. Albrecht served as Professor of Greek at Eastern University from 1981 to 1984. Since coming to Indianapolis in 1984, Pastor Paul has taught lay people and clergy in many different churches to read the Greek New Testament. His most recent church, The Journey Church, sees his teaching as a ministry outreach of that church to the wider Christian community. Pastor Paul has a scholar’s intensity and a pastor’s heart. He has been married to the love of his life, Margie, for 41 years and they have three children and 12 grand-children.

Now, if your courage is still intact, and your spirit is still filled with adventure, you might look at the video, if you haven’t already done so, or check out the "FAQS" page or, jump forward to the “Register Now” page. Pastor Paul would love to talk to you about going deeper!

Vision Statement for Go Deeper Greek Classes

“It is my vision that every person who is a serious student of God’s Word can learn the original language of the Bible, deepening their understanding of God’s will for this world and for their lives. As students go deeper in learning New Testament Greek, my vision is to spark a movement of Biblical knowledge in our communities, where Christians know more about the authority, meaning and integrity of the Bible. By knowing more about the Bible, my vision is to spark a movement of evangelism in our communities, where Christians, more confident of the truth of the Bible, will be more likely to share their faith with an unbelieving world. Finally, my vision, through all of the classes I offer, is to spark an apologetic movement in our communities, where Christians can now faithfully defend the truth of the Bible and give the reason for the hope they have in Jesus Christ.”

Churches which have Hosted Going Deeper Classes:

    Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Indy.
    Christ Fellowship Church, Indy
    Traders Point Christian Church, Zionsville
    St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Zionsville
    First Baptist Church, Anderson, IN
    Gosport Baptist Church, Gosport, IN
    Indianapolis Christian Fellowship
    Northeastwood Christian Church, Indy
    Redeemer Fellowship Church, Monroe, MI
    Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, WI
    The Church of Praise, Westfield, IN
    Crooked Creek Baptist Church, Indy
    Church of the Living God, Indy
    First Baptist Church, Indy
    First Nazarene Church, Noblesville, IN
    St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church, Indy
    Sheridan Church of God, Sheridan, IN
    Central Christian Church, Carmel, IN
    The Journey Church, Westfield, IN
    Calvary Temple, Indy
    Lakeville United Methodist Church, Lakeville, IN