Other Class Offerings

Pastor Paul Albrecht offers other classes from time to time for churches, lay people, and clergy.

  • Overview of New Testament Greek. This is either 5 or 6 weeks. Lay people learn the Greek alphabet, the   pronunciation of words, and the nuances and meanings of 60 high frequency New Testament words.

  • Overview of New Testament Textual Criticism. This is a four-week class for lay people. It helps believers to understand the process of copying the Bible over the centuries. Videos of ancient manuscripts are shown. Analysis of variant readings are given. A strong defense is given for the integrity of the Biblical text.

  • Backgrounds for the Bible. This is a five or six week class. Topics covered include inter-testamental literature, Greek, Roman, Jewish and Persian backgrounds to the New Testament,  the canonization process, the copying of the Bible, a brief analysis of text criticism, the culture of Bible times, and a history of the English versions.

  • Overview of the Early Church. Covers the history of the church from the resurrection to the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Special emphasis given to the canonization of the Bible, the Roman persecutions, heresies, and the Early Church Fathers. Students learn how practices developed in the church, particularly worship, holidays and sacraments.

In each class students are provided with a folder containing relevant handouts. Any combination of topics is possible for courses that might be of interest to local churches. The cost is an honorarium to Pastor Paulís church, agreed upon in advance by the church and Pastor Paul. Call 317-293-6093 to set up times.

Greek Translation and Exegesis Class

For students who have completed the Introductory Go Deeper Class, Pastor Paul provides a once-per-month translation and exegesis class to help students keep Greek skills alive. These meet in several locations -- some in the AM and others in the PM. Cost: $100 contribution per year to The Joruney Church. This class is also open to any clergy with previous Greek study who want to deepen their knowledge of the text. The class works through about 20 verses in the Greek New Testament each class. Call Pastor Paul for information about the location of the classes and the texts being studied currently - 317-293-6093.